Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kaleidoscope, the film.

She’s fun and youthful, she’s dynamic. Loves to put herself out there as an independent individual. That’s the kaleidoscope girl! Sophisticated and elegant in her funky blond bob!

The original idea was to depict fashion through motion keeping a general and binding theme in mind. After a multi burst of thoughts, one finally materialized on colour, music and the evolution from day to night. The idea was to engage the reader with a dynamic fashion story. The evolutions lead to energy and symphony of movement. The flip book was the perfect way to implement this inspiration. The mirror set gave it a live kaleidoscopic element. The instrumental movements added excitement and a fresh take to the visual diary. The stop motion film represented the season’s trends in a breeze charming the reader in awesomeness!

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Making Of Kaleidoscope

The fall winter 2012 forecast talks about innovation, concentrating on a young style leaning towards the 60s. Colours are bright and sharp, evoking dramatic styles through a visual diary. There is much to build on, providing designers a huge amount of artistic leeway. Strong patterns and textured fabrics are key forces, creating a vibrant and exciting starting point for a new look. 

Kaleidoscope concentrates on how quickly fashion evolves from the fundamental, dictated by proportions and length. The emphasis is on young fashion, explored in a collection of stop motion photographs. The form echoes the evolution of fashion - and represents the revolution brought in by digital fashion, that is here to stay. The flip book is a powerful way to represent the new. It captures the progress of basic silhouettes through a newly found elegance with a diva attitude!

My degree project was initially conceptualized and inspired by the colour wheel. After researching on the seasons' colours for autumn winter 2012 a set of 15 colours were chosen to adorn the life size kaleidoscope. Sourcing of clothes and accessories were done keeping the scheme in mind. The story from day to night was tailored to the selection of long to short silhouettes. The flip look shows the transition of one trend blending into the other, showing the versatility of the garment and the subject of change in the look. The primary objective of the project was to show digital fashion with the simplicity of colour and the magnitude of allure.

Enjoy the veedeeo!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

some more favourite things

Photographer Hansraj Dochaniya

Post Production Karno Guhathakurta

Leather Brogues from Atmosphere at Primark

Multi-stone necklace from Forever New

Peep-toe pumps from Tresmode

Metallic clutch with wrist strap by Marc Jacobs

Thank you Anubha Choudhari for making this shoot possible!
Also... it is great to be back. Happy as i am, i have lots to show you.
Hopefully this time i shall not keep you waiting :P

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Do you remember my friend Taaneya Balaji? Amethyst Noir's first post was also on her. Since then we have come a long way... After a month long of no posts i decided let me start again. Fresh. Like a splash. Or more like a glass of inspiration half filled with ice. Just how i had way back in July.

I have been following her blog and love it. A graphic designer by profession but a total fashionista by heart. She loves prawns and anything Mexican. While growing up watching Tweety Bird on Cartoon Network she was unaware of the magic Adobe Illustrator would create for her!

How would you describe your style?

Easy,open to new options,different and colourful.I like to be unique but not in a conscious effort to stand out of the crowd.I don't have the guts to be like that yet!On a normal day i would wear denim leggings and a top with jewelery of course!

Who are your current inspirations?

SO many! The shows I watch and the blogs I follow.I can't pick any particulars.But I love everything vintage or bohemian.

Your ultimate fashion icon?

I like Blake Lively (Gossip Girl), her personal style never seems constricted and she experiments with different styles. Which is great because fashion should always be open to change. Its the same for someone's style.

Favourite Fashion designer?

I love Vera Wang. But I have more favourite stores like Mango, Promod, Zara, Splash and Vero Moda and labels like Oscar de la Renta as compared to designers.

What are the five most essential things you own in your wardrobe?

A good pair of boots(flat). A sexy dress. Black heels. Leggings. Jewelery(bracelets and cuffs are favored)

Your Biggest extravagance?

Shoes.Shoes ware out quickly so I always believe a nice,expensive well made pair of shoes lasts longer.I love shoes from high street brands like Aldo and Forever New.

A period in fashion you would have loved to be a part of?

The 70's! It had this huge impact on people around the world, though I would trade the bell bottoms for leggings.

Favourite Fashion Photographer?

I like Annie Lebowitz’s work.

One thing in the history of fashion you love

I LOVE that style from the past comes back and is reinvented with the style of the present. It's a constant circulation of inspiration. I look at pictures of my mum and its so nice that I would wear the exact same outfit she wore back then in 2011.

How important is graphic design and fashion to coexist?

Fashion constantly evolves and so does graphic design ,so they both go hand in hand because they're defined by change.

When did you start to get interested in graphic design?

When I was 16 and started working on the layout for our school magazine.

The toughest challenge to be a graphic designer in todays day and age

Most graphic design is for commercial purposes so it hard when your client isn't pleased with what you have spent so much time on.After a point your work isn't your work anymore,it becomes theirs.So it's hard to find a balance between your passion for your work as well as your clients opinions.Its a constant struggle for me to remain inspired and enthusiastic despite peoples opinions.

A graphic designer/artists work you follow

I follow lots of blogs - Where the lovely things are,mint design blog,designworklife,honestfly wtf.The artists I follow are people I know like Rohan Jha and Shilo Shiv Suleman.

What made you start your blog?

A need to record my work and look at it from a broader perspective. I also wanted to share my work as much as possible.

If you owned a graphic design firm what would you call it?

Design Shop or Design Snip. I will decide between the two when that day comes (I hope it does!)

How does art influence your style?

To me art is a combination of many things like the artists mood and colour being used. I love lots of colour and my style also depends on how I'm feeling on that day.

Favorite artist ?

Frida Kahlo,Gustav Klimt ,FN Souza,Picasso and Rothko.

Book your currently reading?

My experiments with truth by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Your favourite city in the world?

New York(Though I haven't been there) and Washington D.C.(I've been there).

How do you spend your free time?

I read. Listen to music. I'm a phone person as well.I spend lots of time working on my personal portfolio.I also love wine and drinking it.

Dress: Max
Bag: Splash
Bangle and Earings: Colaba Causeway
Cuff: Either Or
Ring: Athens