Thursday, September 30, 2010

Taaneya and her bag.

T loves her bags like any other fashionista... she has a number of them in different colours. The latter and the uniqueness of its design always catch her eye.

I am loving the brick wall back ground.

Taaneya is wearing a tursoise blue top from Hill Road, Bombay
Winter Zipped leggings, from Exhilaration
Necklace from Colaba, Bombay
Bronze Earings from Either-Or, Pune
Silver Peace Ring, from Athens
Foldable Wayfarers from Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi
Clasp Cross Body Bag from, New York & Company

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Visiting The Palace

My father came visiting this past weekend and we had an amazing time. He loves photography and that has lingered on to both his daughters. My sister taking it on professionally... and I am only the "trigger happy one" We visited the Aga Khan Palace. These are some pictures he took... while Taaneya and I gladly posed away. :)

We love our bags :)

Silhouettes amaze me... they seem perfect. Hiding all the flaws of a natural photograph. Its like art work. My most loved silhouetted photograph would be against a sun set sky.

More later on ' Visiting the Palace'
'Taaneya and her bag'
'Baba and his jeans'

Thursday, September 23, 2010


" I am wearing Saimah Shaikh today"
An eye for detail....


H&M vs Forever 21

Thats Saimah Shaikh for you. She once tried to teach me how to illustrate. We ended up becoming dear friends leaving illustrations far behind! When it comes to work with her... its always a pleasure. A Superbly talented designer makes me want to steal all her clothes!
PS: Watch this space for more on Saimah Shaikh.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trend Tuesday~ The White Shirt Project

Black Pumps, from Shoe Tree, Delhi

Leaf Green Clutch, from Primark, UK

The deconstructed white shirt turned sexy tent dress can be worn over leggings and killer heels.

Working with a size 40 white shirt for men can be taxing. There is so much to do...deconstruction to the core! but picking up a pair of scissors or ripping the seams apart takes time! specially for a novice like me.

Its amazing when you have your idea ready and you take it to an old school tailor... he does not take time to shrug your idea of his shoulders! But after long hours of one way communication he agrees!

The tent silhouette looks lovely on Anubha.

With colourful stitched pannels and a button studded collar. We are set to go!
PS: A special thank you to Hansraj, Anubha, Nandita, Masterji and ofcourse the eternal sunshine! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Contemporary India

Nivedita is wearing Black cotton leggings, from Bandra, Mumbai
Black Tank, from Marks and Spencer
Green Khari Print Drape, from AURA
Butterfly Buckle Belt, From Forever New
Bangles, Picked up from all over India
Kundan Pearl Drop Hairpin, From AURA
Comfortable Footwear, Models own :)

Normally i would hesitate to wake up so early in the day... but it was a beautiful morning. This shoot has been one of my favourites. Working with friends makes life so much easier :)
After a month of no internet i have something to look forward to now. There is no much i want to share with you all.