Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kaleidoscope, the film.

She’s fun and youthful, she’s dynamic. Loves to put herself out there as an independent individual. That’s the kaleidoscope girl! Sophisticated and elegant in her funky blond bob!

The original idea was to depict fashion through motion keeping a general and binding theme in mind. After a multi burst of thoughts, one finally materialized on colour, music and the evolution from day to night. The idea was to engage the reader with a dynamic fashion story. The evolutions lead to energy and symphony of movement. The flip book was the perfect way to implement this inspiration. The mirror set gave it a live kaleidoscopic element. The instrumental movements added excitement and a fresh take to the visual diary. The stop motion film represented the season’s trends in a breeze charming the reader in awesomeness!

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Making Of Kaleidoscope

The fall winter 2012 forecast talks about innovation, concentrating on a young style leaning towards the 60s. Colours are bright and sharp, evoking dramatic styles through a visual diary. There is much to build on, providing designers a huge amount of artistic leeway. Strong patterns and textured fabrics are key forces, creating a vibrant and exciting starting point for a new look. 

Kaleidoscope concentrates on how quickly fashion evolves from the fundamental, dictated by proportions and length. The emphasis is on young fashion, explored in a collection of stop motion photographs. The form echoes the evolution of fashion - and represents the revolution brought in by digital fashion, that is here to stay. The flip book is a powerful way to represent the new. It captures the progress of basic silhouettes through a newly found elegance with a diva attitude!

My degree project was initially conceptualized and inspired by the colour wheel. After researching on the seasons' colours for autumn winter 2012 a set of 15 colours were chosen to adorn the life size kaleidoscope. Sourcing of clothes and accessories were done keeping the scheme in mind. The story from day to night was tailored to the selection of long to short silhouettes. The flip look shows the transition of one trend blending into the other, showing the versatility of the garment and the subject of change in the look. The primary objective of the project was to show digital fashion with the simplicity of colour and the magnitude of allure.

Enjoy the veedeeo!!!