Saturday, July 24, 2010


behind the scenes!

special thanku to Hansraj for the la la lights and the behind the scenes pictures
Nandita and Nivi for the constant entertainment
and darling Anu for being such a sport!


la la lights

getting ready


Anubha is wearing a white chikankari kurti with denims, both her own
accessorised with bangles and multi burst necklaces
from all over India some presents and some hand me downs
Ma will be glad to see my collection put to good use!


  1. amazing.
    love the group photos
    and the hands outstretched towards the camera photo.
    really really colourful.
    im loving the shape this blog is taking.

  2. Miss Xiamaze
    thanku so much... I am glad you like it... let me know on how i can get better.
    it wont be long before i dress you up and go trigger happy <3 i love you so much.