Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trend Tuesday~ The White Shirt Project

Black Pumps, from Shoe Tree, Delhi

Leaf Green Clutch, from Primark, UK

The deconstructed white shirt turned sexy tent dress can be worn over leggings and killer heels.

Working with a size 40 white shirt for men can be taxing. There is so much to do...deconstruction to the core! but picking up a pair of scissors or ripping the seams apart takes time! specially for a novice like me.

Its amazing when you have your idea ready and you take it to an old school tailor... he does not take time to shrug your idea of his shoulders! But after long hours of one way communication he agrees!

The tent silhouette looks lovely on Anubha.

With colourful stitched pannels and a button studded collar. We are set to go!
PS: A special thank you to Hansraj, Anubha, Nandita, Masterji and ofcourse the eternal sunshine! :)


  1. I love how creatively you've use your location!
    Good job Snig

  2. lovely, snigdha - the shirt - the photos - the color!!! brilliant :)