Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trend Tuesday~ Head Gear

The past week has been so eventful...learning so many new things. My daily journal is crammed with scribbled thoughts and inspirations. For so long i have been confined to just the basics, this is a total reversal of that. Away from the black and white to a pop of colour and happiness... especially when linked to loud headgear in an environment of calmness. Trying something new without thinking of the result. If it goes wrong...let it. There were a lot of ways to jazz up your look and head gear is just one of them for NOW. Barring the initial stares enjoy the attention!

Design by~ Snigdha Palchoudhuri
Inspiration~ Chanel meets Philip Treacy
Materials Used~ Cane Strip Hat, Net, Potpourri Corsage with Organza base.

Design by~ Snigdha Palchoudhuri
Inspiration~ Thought Process
Materials Used~ Wire
Design by~ Nivedita Dravid
Inspiration~ Colour in daily life
Materials Used~ Clothes Chips and Nylon Ropes

Design by~ Indira Pandey
Inspiration~Masquerade ball
Materials Used~ Fake Feathers and Net

Design by~ Diksha Asnani
Inspiration~ Circus Carnival
Materials Used~ News Paper for the base, Coloured paper strips in spirals

A special thank you to Reishabh Kailey and Nivedita Dravid for being so supportive and Surya Sir for what he does best... inspires! :)


  1. Very nice :)
    The blog is coming together so well.
    So fucking proud of you :)

  2. fun che!
    i like the colours :)