Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trend Tuesday~ scarves

August starts with Elle.. and now Trend Tuesdays, this week its the scarf. You can sport the scarf with the most boring outfit and still stand out.... specially during the monsoons!

Muddled Dream Scarf

'chaap' by Medha Khandelwal.

Missing those days when Medha used to create magic at our home...
Long hours of untangling thread to fabric and steaming colours.... paid off!

Emilio Pucci Printed silk scarf

Emilio Pucci scarf is rectangular and has the designer signature print within.

Hèrmes ~ Autumn-Winter collection for 2008, with a stunning series of scarves that continue with the same theme that inspired their Spring-Summer collection: mystical India.

Featuring bold, contrasting colors, floral and geometric patterns, and traditional motifs like the elephant, the Coupons Indiens and Beloved India silk twill scarves are a reflection of the vibrant Indian culture.

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